Why “In Full Bloom?”

Welcome to “In Full Bloom.” A couple of years ago, my husband commented to me that he thought I was ‘in full bloom.’ My first reaction was that perhaps the extra weight on my otherwise ‘petite’ frame gave him reason to suggest my new moniker. But, he quickly clarified (30 years of marriage–he’s a smart guy!) that it wasn’t about physical appearance; instead it was the place I am in my life. We have two grown sons, who are fully launched and pursuing their own passions; we have lived in our home in Central California for over 15 years and are comfortable; we are both busy with demanding careers, but both find ourselves with new ‘free’ time–thanks to the fact that we have both been in these roles for almost a decade; we enjoy one another’s company–and enjoy our joint hobbies and our own separate pursuits; we have built a rich and loving life together. So–“In Full Bloom” I am!

So, why start a blog now? During the course of the last 30 years, I was blessed to have amazing role models, mentors and sponsors. Interestingly, they were all men, who saw my potential and provided me with opportunities to grow. While this industry is dominated by men, women are increasing in numbers in leadership roles. But I must say, most of the women I encountered at work over the years–from my first insurance agency job at 25 years old, to more recent roles–were typically territorial women who would have preferred to see not just me, but other women fail, rather than to help one another succeed. In some cases, they did their very best to block, tackle and prevent me from rising in my organization. Why is that? Why aren’t we ‘wired’ to support one another? Or, is it more that women of my generation and generations before me, did not have role models to demonstrate how to support and lift one another up?

The good news is that professional women I interact with today, as well as many young women I encounter are part of a new trend. They share real life examples of women providing support to other women, coaching, teaching, and lifting one another up. As women develop their networks, which include both men and women, they can and should seek to support, sponsor, teach and lift up other women. That’s exactly what I’d like to help nurture and grow.

“In Full Bloom” is my way of giving back. It’s being a resource to other women, sharing what I have learned, it’s pulling other women up, giving a helping hand and supporting other women to help them be in their best place—their ‘in full bloom’–helping others to thrive.

Thank you for joining me on a journey of sharing–as we lift one another up and celebrate women supporting women!